Breakup problems

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Breakups are awful! The astrological transits for the breakup are the reason for your split. However, dealing with a breakup is indeed tricky. Everyone has a burning question in their mind as to why breakups happen in their life, but no answers can be found, so let us dig deeper into how to overcome breakups. It will be simple to understand why relationships break up due to planetary transits since they reveal why people’s charts allow us to comprehend better. 

Astrology solutions for the breakup. If Venus, Mars, and Rahu occupy the 6th house, it indicates that the relationship will end. If any planet is located in the 8th house, love and relationship failure are likely.

It is difficult to deal with a breakup, and both partners need inner strength and bravery. Some people, though, find it difficult to conquer from this scenario. Are you experiencing a breakup and asking Why is my relationship disintegrating? Sometimes astrologers make mistakes with horoscopes, and when planets pass our chart, it’s due to their influence. Every Zodiac sign reacts differently to a breakup in love. Let us take a look at the insights of relationship and love breakup astrology.

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