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It has been observed that many couples have difficulties with childbirth nowadays, and the vast majority of them aren’t diagnosed with any physical condition. Modern medical practitioners state that the causes behind their inability to conceive are unknown.

What do such couples do if the cause is unknown? Most of the time, the wife is held responsible for failure to conceive, which is wrong.

Most people do face difficulties and challenges in childbirth at some point. These issues have been somewhat reduced due to medical science advancement, but there are still instances when individuals do not succeed despite receiving medical treatment. Astrology or your horoscope may be helpful in such a circumstance.

In Vedic mythology, a woman is believed to be merely a tool for procreation in the family. If a family or a couple cannot have children, it is thought to be linked to the husband’s actions or his family’s needs following Vedic belief. The cause of this is also relatively straightforward: if they have a kid, the husband’s family will expand rather than his wife’s. The predictions of Indian astrology can be utilized to determine if a child’s promise of bliss or sorrow is genuine. According to the Parashari system of Vedic astrology, the Karaka or significance of childbirth is Jupiter.

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