Inter caste marriage


Even though we have lived in the 21st century for more than a decade, our culture is still dominated by an old mentality, with parents refusing to allow an Inter cast union. If your relatives are against your marriage because your spouse is from a different caste, do not be discouraged since the best solution will provide you with the most appropriate answer.

If you both wish to marry one another, this is your opportunity. 

However, it may become an issue if your parents are against your marriage because your sweetheart is from the inter-caste. Because of the social pressure and family members who may object to your wedding, you may give sweets to those in need. It will alter your planetary position when they offer you a blessing.

Astrology is all about the connection between a person’s Sun, Moon, and Planets. The pattern of the heavens determines the nature or personality of an individual at their birth moment, and their actions and stimulation in their surroundings throughout development and maturity, according to astrology. The individual learns more about his personality, human relations, and other issues by obtaining accurate information on their activities.

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