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A person’s career is a significant aspect of their life. Everyone looks forward to a good job and a prosperous career. The word career is substantial for everyone because every person slowly and correctly advances toward a career. But one cannot achieve all their dreams in life.

Astrology offers different solutions to these career problems and effective career solutions. Astrological remedies for career growth and career development guidelines from expert astrologers to help or resolve complications in your career.

Career astrology depends on the movements of the stars, planets, sun, and moon at the exact time of a person’s birth which decides your future with good and bad events. 

Pandit Pavan Joshi  Ji is one of the best expert astrologers to help you make a perfect decision regarding your career. He is a well-known Pandit for Astrological Career Problem Solutions. He is an expert in all astrological sciences and can solve life problems, including trade, health, marriage, business, etc. He is the best Jobs problem astrologer in Surat.

Are you facing the following career issues?

  • Looking for a job suited to your industry
  • Waiting for job promotion
  • Satisfaction and stability in current job
  • Find a job in multinational
  • Find a job abroad
  • Career evolution

Above are some career issues that can be resolved by Astrologer Career Issues Solution. With Career Problem Solution by astrology, you will get astrological remedies to develop an established career. Pandit Pavan Joshi is a well-known personality in this field of astrology. 

Many people follow his advice and suggestions to improve their business to the next level. Apart from this, it also solves various problems like job and career solutions, issues of husband and wife, and health problems.

How Solving Career Problems Through Astrology Helps Build A Career?

Sometimes people don’t struggle to find the right career because they are lucky in their horoscope, but some people have to work all their life and still don’t get what they want. Here, astrology will help you find the desired solutions to your problems and help you improve or rebuild your career with the help of astrological predictions and horoscope predictions.

Some of the easy and effective astrological cures for a career are:

Crows can be attracted to boiling rice, one of the most straightforward astrological cures. This remedy will help soothe the harmful effects of the planet Saturn. According to the theories of Vedic astrology, Saturn is said to rule over the Profession and professional appearance of a native, and the crow represents and is symbolic of the planet Saturn.

To be stable in your work and if you are looking for a suitable career opportunity, you should recite Gayatri Mantra and MahaMritunjaya Mantra at least 31 times a day.

Offering water to the Sun Lord in a copper vessel with jaggery added each morning is also considered one of the most common and effective astrological remedies for a successful career and work.

It is also said and believed that as soon as you wake up in the morning, your two palms should be the first thing you have to look at. It is thought that this astrological remedy’s daily practice will help gain immense wealth, as Goddess Lakshmi is said to reside in the palms of the hands.

Reciting the beej mantra of Lord Ganesha, also known by the other name of Vighna Vinashaka (the one who destroys obstacles and delays), would be highly beneficial for those who face constant delays and obstacles in finding employment. This astrological remedy will also help in making the person’s career stable. If one is unfamiliar with the beej mantra, they can also say the equally effective mantra “Om Gan Ganpatye Namaha.”

Regarding careers, Saturn has the potential to be the most significant planet. According to astrology, this planet, also referred to as the Jeevana Karaka or Karma Karaka, represents one's way of life and signifies their occupation, profession, etc.

Emphasis is placed on a few points for getting a job in Vedic Astrology. One of the main ones is that the sixth house, the tenth house, and the third house must be in a strong position in the horoscope. The third house represents our dedication and effort, while the sixth house gives us the strength to struggle. In addition, the tenth house shows our ``Karm`` or Profession. Therefore, the position of these three houses and their power play a vital role. Otherwise, difficulties in finding jobs may continue to arise.

If you are unable to get a job even after doing a lot of hard work, reach us. We will help you out.

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Whether you’re facing relationship-related problem, failing to find a good job/career, difficulties in visa approval, having daily life troubles; Pavan Kumar Joshi is one of the best astrologer in ahmedabad.


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I am based in Delhi and post corona I faced a lot of issues in my work arena due to the pandemic. I was about to give up on my job when I came to know about Mr. Ramlal Joshi. I reached him skeptically, but solved my problems with his amazing calculations.

Nidhi sharma, architect



Due to work from home situation for the last few years, I have lost all contact with my friends. It put a toll on my mental health. I wasn’t able to do my tasks on time and used to stay in my room only. My mom book an online consultation with Mr. Joshi and everything changed. He taught me how to face my problems boldly and that it doesn’t matter if I cannot meet my friends in person, they are always reachable over video calls.

Prashant Borde, software analyst



I moved here two years ago due to studies. While my classes were about to start but my Visa wasn’t confirming, I visited Mr. Joshi with lots of doubts. He cleared all my doubts after checking my Kundali and helped me with some solutions. Within a few days, my Visa got confirmed and since then, I contact Mr. Joshi before taking any important decision in my life.

Vishank Poonawala, student

(New Jersey)


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David Parker



When I started my journey as a dance coordinator, I faced lots of issues. I gave up initially, but then with the constant insist of my parents I contacted Mr. Ramlal Joshi. He checked my kundali, did some calculations, and told me why such things were happening with me. He showed me some wayouts which I followed. Now I am thoroughly successful career wise and I thank Mr. Joshi from the bottom of my heart.

Tina Poonawala, dancer



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