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This privacy policy is meant for those who will use any services of this website. This set of policies ensure that you allow the owners to use your information while you are using the website. 

You need to provide some pieces of information for the developers to run the website when you are using our services. Your information is safe and we are not going to share those with anyone. We can assure you the safety and privacy of your information. 

All sets of policies mentioned here can be changed over time or can keep changing on regular intervals. All the necessary changes will be done on the website only. You can return to this page and check the latest policies maintained by the website. 

Information we need: 

  • Your name, age, date of birth, place of birth, time of birth 
  • Your current resident address with pincode
  • Your contact number and email address for further contacts. 
  • Some extra information required to gauge the problems of the person. 

Why we need your information: 

  • To increase the usability of our website.
  • We want you to experience the best of this website and want to curate customized services for you. 
  • We may use the information to further calculate your kundali. 
  • We will send you promotional calls or messages about our latest products and services. 
  • We can also send you some special offers from our end. 

Security: Your information is totally secured to us and we do not copy, propagate, or share your information without intimating you on the same. Your information is safe to us as the website has SSL encryption. 

Links: Our content or website may have several links in it. Once you click on the link and leave our website, we cannot ensure your security there. We have full control over our website and cannot ensure the user’s security when they navigate to some other website. When you use these links and navigate to another website, do not expect the same privacy policies there. Before using their website, please go through their privacy policy section and act accordingly. 

Our promise to protect your privacy: We, the Raj Lakshmi astrologer will not replicate, sell, send, lease, misuse, donate, or distribute your information to any individual or institute. We can only save your contact information to send you promotional offers if only you wish to get those notifications from us. 

We ensure you that all your information is safe to us and we are not going to disclose any information of yours unless that is required by the police or the law and enforcement committee of the country. 

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