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Vastu For Office
February 18, 2023

Wondering, Which is the best direction to work according to the Vastu Shastra for the office? The article has got you covered. Choosing the right direction to work will not only make your work efficient but can bring the greatest outcomes welcoming prosperous life beside you. So without further getting delay, jump to the article and reach the stairs of success by following Vastu’s tips for offices.

What is Office Vastu Chart?

To begin, comprehend the full meaning of the office Vastu chart; the office Vastu chart is a chart based on an ancient architecture study known as Vastu Shastra. The office Vastu chart employs vastu shastra to boost sales and productivity. In addition with the help of Vastu tips for the office, you can ensure your office family is surrounded with a positive and harmonious aura at their desks. 

Furthermore, whether you’re facing financial or business problems, the vastu chart solution from the best astrologer in Ahmedabad will help you redesign your workspace. With effective Vastu tips for the office, you can meet your business goals and avoid any crises that stall your progress.

Vastu Tips for Office:

Here are some Vastu tips for office from a famous astrologer in India that can help you grow & expand your business hassle-free. Therefore, without wasting a moment, start following the below-given vastu tips for the office.

Vastu for office plot: Make sure to choose, Shermukhi Plot- broad in front and narrow at back facing the north direction is ideal for an office building. 

Vastu for office direction: The office building should be in the north or northeast direction to get yourself a rain of financial benefits.

Vastu for office seating: The best sitting direction in the office for an entrepreneur is the northeast direction and for employees north or east is perfect.

Vastu items for office: There are several objects in the office we daily encounter, and every object has its specific space. Example: Place a clock in the north direction to not miss out on a golden opportunity.  In addition, you can place seven running horses picture on the wall, as well as a little fountain will also promote a positive vibe all around you.

Vastu shastra for office plants: As per vastu shastra, the Bamboo plant, lily, and snake plant are great plant choices for an office. In addition, such plants are widely known for bringing happiness, fame, prosperity, and so on. Put it on your office desk and experience the magic yourself.

Vastu tips for office wall colours: According to the best astrologer in Ahmedabad, pick colours that are lighter in shades, you can choose from a white, blue, or green colour palate; which is not too bold to catch attention.

Vastu tips for office lights: When selecting a light, ensure that the working space has the right amount of light; which looks like natural light not too warm or not too cold tone. Additionally, you can experiment with the lighting in the reception area to draw attention to it.

How to Craft Right Office Vastu Plan?

Whether you’re buying a property for residential or commercial purposes, make sure to craft the right vastu plan. Therefore, in light of the fact that vastu shastra plays a significant role in our work lives, don’t forget to consult Pandit Pavan Joshi Ji; adhere to his Vastu tips for office, and grow your business successfully. 

Quick Look on Office Vastu Plan:

Elevator installation: North-east direction.

Staircase area: South or south-west direction 

Entrance door: East or north

Reception area: North-east or east direction

Mandir: North-east corner zone

Cabin: North or south-west direction

Pantry room: South-east direction

Locker room: South-west corner zone

Meeting area: North-west direction

Warehouse: North-west direction

Washroom: West or north-west zone

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