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November 26, 2022

It’s not as simple as it sounds to choose a rewarding career or find a good job; there are many barriers to overcome. As we are all aware, there is fierce competition in today’s market. Whether it is to find a good job with incredible growth or to launch your own start-up business; all of these bring their own challenges.

Hence, in order to accomplish your business goals, it may seem impossible to reach them; Is this something connected to astrology? How that’s possible it just sounds like a myth but unfortunately, this all is eventually connected with astrology. If you want to know more about how astrology affects your career, and what are the astrology remedies for career growth; take an in-depth look of astrology & career to know more about career astrology. 

Connection Between Astrology & Career Growth

Vedic astrology has been always connected with our life events, whether it’s your big wedding day, purchasing a new home or office, picking a suitable career for yourself, selecting a job and so on; astrology plays a very important role in our daily lives. 

Therefore, career astrology influences have been shown to affect our career choices and success. In fact, astrologers have been studying the connection between stars and careers for thousands of years back. 

Today, we know that certain planets/stars & astrology houses influence us at specific points throughout our lives. These career astrology influences can help us understand how our personalities interact with different aspects of our environment. We can use these insights to improve our professional relationships, increase productivity, and enhance our personal lives.

Career Astrology Factors to Consider:

According to Career Astrology, there are four houses that are very important when it comes to careers. Their houses are located in the first, second, sixth, and seventh houses respectively. The Lord of Wealth, “Kubera,” is represented by the second house. Through our work, we acquire prosperity. Therefore, if our second house is strong, we’ll have a job that pays more and have better financial growth.

The first, sixth, and tenth houses, however, have an impact on a person’s career and employment chances. There are several planets that make it difficult to find employment when they are in these houses. However, you can decrease the impact of these unfavourable planets on your career by implementing astrology remedies for career growth.

Additionally, the Dasha of a specific planet in a person’s life can slow down or speed up the rate of professional success. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all naturally advantageous planets that are good for careers. On another side, Rahu and Ketu, two natural malefic, can interfere with one’s career plans as well.

Effective Astrology Remedies for Career Growth:

In conclusion, The following are some powerful astrology remedies for career growth that can help you advance professionally in your life:

  • Look at your palm every morning.
  • Feeding fish flour balls or aata. 
  • Chant Maha Mrutyanjay Mantra 31 times a day.
  • Offer water to Surya Dev or Lord Sun. 
  • Feeding crows boiled rice. 
  • Recite Lord Ganesh Beej Mantra. 
  • Turmeric for growth.

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Hope that above given astrology remedies for career growth will be beneficial for you,

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