Vastu Tips for Bedroom: The Secret of Happy Married Life!

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Vastu Tips for Bedroom
December 12, 2022

It is wedding season, as we all know, so any engaged couple who has begun planning their wedding must already be far along the way. In addition to shopping, couples who are getting married also talk about other aspects of their marriage preparation, like decorating their room and house.

The Vastu tips for bedrooms are the key for newlyweds because they promote a happy marriage. This article has covered everything a married couple should be aware of, including the significance of couple bedroom Vastu, Vastu for bedroom tips, and so on. To learn the trick of a happy marriage, keep reading!

What is Vastu Shastra in Vedic Astrology?

Vastu has become very famous these days because of its positive impact on our lives. In addition, The word Vastu means science or art of architecture. Vastu principles are based on ancient Indian knowledge and they are also known as Vedic Architecture. These principles are followed in building homes, offices, temples, and other structures.

Vastu is a system of architectural design that helps us create harmonious environments. It is based on the belief that every part of our life is affected by the environment around us. Hence, the aim of Vastu is to ensure that our surroundings are conducive to good health and prosperity.

Why New Married Couples Should Consider Vastu Tips for Bedroom?

In order to improve a couple’s relationship or solving marriage problems, the Vastu of their bedroom is crucial. Every area of your home should be planned using Vastu principles so that it begins to be associated with good things. However, your relationship will be directly impacted by the bedroom’s direction, colors, lighting, mirror, and bed position.

Therefore, it is crucial for a good marriage that the energy and atmosphere of the place where newlyweds dwell are upbeat. And because the bedroom is one location that has a huge impact on a married couple’s body, mind, and emotions, it is important to comprehend the Vastu tips for bedrooms. Hence, Vastu tips for bedroom for married couples cover everything about setting up the space for a harmonious relationship.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Married Couples:

Here are the following Vastu tips for bedroom, every married couple should take a look before decorating their room.

Bed as per Vastu: 

The bed should always be positioned against the room’s southwest wall. It must not be facing the door. According to Vastu, couples should sleep with their heads in the south, southeast, or southwest. It is strongly advised against sleeping with your head facing north.

Room direction as per Vastu:

East, North, or Northeast are the best Vastu directions for a bedroom, according to Vastu theory. The house’s Vastu directions should not be facing west if there are female family members. For younger family members, it is a good option.

Vastu decorative items for bedroom:

It is vitally important to decorate your bedroom walls with inspiring wallpaper and frames. It’s important to hang up pictures that make you feel happy because they are the first and last things you see when you wake up and before you go to bed. Rather than putting up a picture of a location, hang your wedding photo. Additionally, stay away from keeping a cactus or any other prickly plants in your bedroom. 

Other Vastu tips for bedroom:

– The bed was not illuminated by a light beam.

– Avoid using dark paint in the room; instead, choose bright, light colors.

– Keep an eye out for fresh-real flowers

– Avoid using fake flowers when decorating a room.

– Ensure that your space has a pleasant scent.

– Ensure that the mirror in the room is not set up in front of your bed.

– When choosing a bed, choose one made of wood with a jointed mattress. 

How to Find Effective Vastu tips for Bedroom?

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