Nadi Dosha Marriage: What Marriage Astrologers Have to Say?

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Nadi Dosha On Marriage
November 22, 2022

We keep hearing our elderly and parents rejecting marriage proposals based on Nadi dosha. Horoscope matching in marriage has a significant impact on marriage life, as we already know, thus in Hindu belief systems, it is important to take this into consideration. When matching the horoscopes of the future bride and groom for marriage, Nadi dosha plays an enormous role.

As we go forward, we will try to understand what exactly Nadi Dosha is and why it spoils the bliss of married life. So let’s take a look at why the Nadi Dosha marriage is considered dreadful.

What is Nadi Dosha in Marriage Astrology?

It is important to first comprehend that Nadi Dosha is calculated as a crucial component of the well-known Vedic Astrology practice of Ashtkoota Milan (horoscope matching).

The person Nadi is indicated by the moon’s position in a specific nakshatra in the birth chart. Aadi Nadi (air), Madhya Nadi dosha in marriage (fire), and Antya Nadi (water) are the three elements that make it up. Dosh is a term for things that are unlucky or highly problematic.

When these two factors are combined, Nadi Dosha generally refers to the issue or flaw that arises in marriages, such as a conflicting environment between the two couples, serious health issues, and numerous other marriage life challenges.

What are the Types of Nadi Dosha in Marriage Astrology?

Moreover, there are three types of Nadi Doshas in marriage

Air: Aadhya Nadi dosha in marriage astrology (First)

Fire: Madhya Nadi Dosha in marriage astrology (Middle)

Water: Antya Nadi Dosha in marriage astrology (End)

Aadhya Nadi Dosha in Marriage

In an Adhya Nadi Dosha marriage, the child inherits the same dosha from both parents, thus causing various health & progeny problems.

Madhya Nadi Dosha in Marriage 

Madhya Nadi dosha is a dosha that affects both partners in marriage due to their fiery nature; disturbed marriage life.

Antya Nadi Dosha in Marriage

Children, who are born to parents who have Antya Nadi Dosha will also have this dosha and may experience health problems.

What are the Nadi Dosha Effects on Marriage Astrology?

Some of the common Nadi Dosha effects in marriage following are:

  • Lack of intimacy & attraction 
  • Disturbed marriage life
  • Infertility problems
  • Health concerns
  • Major changes in accidents
  • Problems in progeny & childbirth

What Marriage Astrologers Have to Say about Nadi Dosha Marriage?

When it comes to your connection with your spouse, Nadi has been one of the eight guns. There are a total of 36 points, with 8 belonging to Nadi. When two people’s nadis clash/same, it is known as Nadi dosha. If someone has a Nadi Dosha, there may be issues in marriage, such as a lack of attraction or health issues for either half. Additionally, there may be disturbed marital life, and even pregnancy complications.

What are the Vedic Solutions for Nadi Dosha in Marriage Astrology?

Even though it has a big impact, there are easy precautions you can take to avoid it. We can follow some of these methods to negate Nadi dosha effects in marriage:

  • First & foremost consult a Nadi Dosha marriage astrologer
  • Find Husband Wife Problem Solution
  • Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya mantras
  • Performing Nadi Nirvana Puja.
  • Offering grains and clothing to brahmins.
  • Last but not least, live a cooperative and understanding life.

Whether you are looking for a marriage astrologer who can help you deal with Nadi Dosha marriage or have any daily life problems, Maa Kalyani Astrologer is one of the best astrologers in Ahmedabad whom you can trust for genuine advice and Vedic solutions.

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