Date, times, rituals, and significance of Tulsi Vivah 2023

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Tulsi Vivah 2023
September 28, 2023

A beloved Hindu holiday called Tulsi Vivah honors the holy union of the Tulsi plant, also known as holy basil, and Lord Vishnu or his avatar, Lord Krishna. It usually takes place in either October or November, on the 12th day of the light fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of the Hindu month of Kartik. 

The celebration of Tulsi Vivah 2023 marks the conclusion of the monsoon season and the beginning of the Indian wedding season. It is also very significant because Kanyadaan, the tradition of offering one’s daughter in marriage, can be done at this fortunate time.

Date and times for Tulsi Vivah in 2023

The Tulsi Vivah 2023 will take place on Friday, November 24. The ritual can be conducted during the Dwadashi Tithi, which runs from November 23, 2023, from 09:01 pm to November 24, 2023, at 07:06 p.m. It’s crucial to keep in mind that depending on regional customs and traditions, certain areas may celebrate the holiday on a different day.

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Rituals for the Tulsi Vivah and Puja Vidhi

The rituals associated with Tulsi Puja 2023 closely resemble those of a traditional Hindu wedding. This ceremony can be performed either at temples or in the comfort of one’s home. Those observing Tulsi Vivah are expected to maintain a fast until the evening when the actual rituals commence. Here are the primary steps of the Tulsi Vivah Puja Vidhi:

Mandap Decoration: 

A beautiful mandap (canopy) is meticulously crafted around the Tulsi plant using sugarcane stalks, adorned with flowers and intricate rangoli patterns.

Adorning the Participants: 

Both the Tulsi plant and the idol or image of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna are bathed and adorned with new clothes, jewelry, and fragrant garlands.

Dressing the Tulsi Plant: 

The Tulsi plant is draped with a red sari and adorned with a bindi on its forehead to resemble a bride, while the idol or image of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna is adorned as a groom.

Priest’s Role: 

A priest or an esteemed elder recites sacred mantras (chants) and oversees essential rituals, including Kanyadaan (giving away the daughter in marriage), Panigrahan (holding hands), Saptapadi (seven symbolic steps around the fire), Sindoor Daan (applying vermilion on the forehead), and Mangalsutra Bandhan (tying a sacred thread around the neck). You can contact Maa Kalyani Jyotish for priesthood and related services.

Blessings and Offerings: 

Devotees offer sweets, fruits, flowers, and other sacred offerings to the newlywed couple. Rice grains and flower petals are showered upon them as symbols of blessings. To get god’s grace and blessings, you can have astrological solutions like Horoscope Reading For better results.

Celebratory Atmosphere: 

The devotees sing hymns and songs in praise of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Tulsi. They also engage in joyful dancing and playing musical instruments to commemorate this auspicious occasion.

Tulsi Vivah Significance and Benefits

Tulsi puja holds profound significance in Hindu culture and mythology. It is believed that on this day, Lord Vishnu united with Goddess Tulsi in the form of Shaligram (a sacred black stone) or as his avatar, Shri Krishna, during Prabodhini Ekadashi. 

Tulsi, the goddess formerly known as Vrinda, fervently begged for her husband’s invincibility. Jalandhar’s demise was brought about by Lord Vishnu acting as Jalandhar. The infamous Tulsi plant was created as a result of Vrinda’s curse, which also promised her a marriage in her next life. Lord Vishnu was changed into a stone.

Tulsi Vivah symbolizes love, devotion, fidelity, and purity. By taking part in this event, one is said to gain the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, ensuring prosperity.

Tulsi Vivah offers several astrological benefits:

  • The observance of Tulsi vivah 2023 can mitigate doshas in one’s horoscope, enhancing luck and fortune.
  • People believe that it helps them overcome difficulties in their lives and overcome obstacles.
  • Tulsi Vivah promotes harmony and peace among family members and marital relationships.
  • The purpose of this event is to help single people find compatible life partners.
  • Partner and child health and longevity are guaranteed.
  • The Tulsi Vivah can also protect against diseases, the evil eye, and negative energies.

Conclusion : 

The historic festival of Tulsi Vivah 2023 honors the sacred marriage of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Tulsi. Hindus celebrate this day with enthusiasm, thanksgiving, and devotion. One might get the blessings of the supreme lord and his consort by celebrating this festival with steadfast faith and sincerity, which will result in a life full of happiness.
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