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Can I Marry If Kundli Doesn't Match Remedies For Mismatched Kundali
February 29, 2024

In the rich fabric of Indian customs, Kundli matching is important, especially for marriage. But as times change, questions pop up: Does Kundlis matter for a happy marriage? What if they don’t match? Are there other solutions or success stories? Let’s dive into these questions and explore what happens if Kundli does not match.

What is Kundli?

A Kundli, also called a birth chart, is like a map showing where the planets were when you were born. In Vedic astrology, it’s thought to affect things like your personality, relationships, and how well you match with a partner. 

Through something called Guna Milan, we compare different parts of two people’s Kundlis and give points based on certain rules. A higher score means you’re more likely to get along well.

Importance of Kundali Matching in Marriage

In the past, Kundali matching was seen as really important for a happy marriage. People thought that if the Kundlis matched, it meant the couple’s personalities, goals, and problems were in sync. They believed this match could make their marriage better. It also helped them see where they might not agree, so they could work through it together.

How To Determine A Perfect Kundali Match?

Astrologers skilled in janam kundali matchmaking analyze various aspects of both Kundlis, including.

Varna Milan: Matching of social and spiritual classes represented by the moon signs.

Vasya Milan: Harmony between the ruling lords of the moon signs.

Tara Milan: Compatibility based on the nakshatras (lunar mansions).

Maitri Milan: Friendship and understanding indicated by certain planetary positions.

Yoni Milan: Sexual compatibility based on zodiac signs’ nature.

Gana Milan: Divine qualities and compatibility based on celestial groups.

Bhakoot Milan:  Potential challenges and remedies based on specific planetary placements.

A high score, usually out of 36, in kundali milan marriage means good compatibility. But expert astrologers don’t just focus on the score. They check all parts of the kundalis to understand how well the couple matches.

Mismatched Kundlis: What’s Now?

If the Kundlis don’t match perfectly, it doesn’t automatically doom the relationship. It simply indicates potential areas of discord that can be navigated with understanding and effort. Here are some approaches:

Consult an experienced marriage astrologer

They can provide deeper insights into the specific challenges indicated by the mismatch. Moreover, they can suggest personalized remedies for kundli mismatch in individual cases.

Open communication and commitment

Talk openly and honestly with your partner about the astrological findings. Communicate well, understand possible problems, and show your commitment to solving them together. Consider remedies if Kundli does not match.

Adopt spiritual practices

Chanting mantras, performing pujas, or visiting specific temples as suggested by the best astrologer in Ahmedabad can be seen as ways to appease planetary influences.

Focus on strengthening your bond

Nurture your relationship through open communication, mutual respect, and shared values. Build a strong foundation of love, understanding, and support, which can often counter potential astrological challenges.

Remember a happy and fulfilling marriage rests on your commitment, communication, and willingness to grow together.

Successful Exceptions

History and our own social circles provide numerous examples of successful marriages with mismatched Kundlis. These couples demonstrate that love, understanding, and conscious effort can overcome astrological hurdles. Remember, Kundli matching is just one lens, not the definitive predictor of your marital happiness.

Can You Marry Without Kundli Matching?

The decision is ultimately yours. While many Indians consider Kundli matching important, it’s not a mandatory rule. If you and your partner have a strong connection, shared values, and are willing to communicate effectively, you can choose to proceed without it. However, consulting a love problem solution astrologer can still offer valuable insights into your individual personalities and potential areas of growth, aiding in building a stronger foundation for your relationship.

Different Aspects, Different Cultures

Kundli matching matters in Hindu traditions, but other Indian religions and cultures might do things differently for marriage. Some might use horoscopes in another way, or not at all. It’s important to know and respect your culture’s rules and decide about marriage based on what you believe and value.


Kundli matching gives an idea of how well you might get along, but it’s not a final decision. Whether you think about it or not, remember, that a happy marriage needs love, respect, talking openly, and growing together. 

If you use Kundli matching, see it as a way to understand problems and make your bond stronger, leading to a happy and satisfying relationship. 

And if you’re wondering what happens if kundli does not match, remember that love and understanding can overcome any astrological differences.

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