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Powerful Vastu Tips for Kitchens to Bring Prosperity

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, guides home construction in harmony with nature. It emphasizes balancing five elements to create a positive energy flow for health and prosperity. The kitchen is very important in Vastu Shastra. It is a place where families connect and share meals. 

A kitchen designed as per Vastu Shastra kitchen direction is believed to improve energy flow and make your cooking experiences enjoyable. It is very much essential to promote health and happiness for everyone in the home. This guide will explain how to apply essential Vastu tips for kitchen design to create a harmonious and vibrant space.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen 

According to Vastu Shastra, following the guidelines for kitchen direction can offer insights and foster well-being and positivity in your home. Consulting the best astrologer in Ahmedabad can further enhance your understanding and implementation of these principles, ultimately promoting a healthy and happy household.

Find the Ideal Kitchen Location 

The first thing we have to consider while selecting a position for the kitchen in the house is its direction. There are so many places that we can imagine a kitchen placement being the best but the Vastu alignment is also crucial. Keep reading to know the direction of the kitchen according to Vastu in the following sections. 

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Direction of the Kitchen According to Vastu 

The ideal kitchen location as per Vastu Shastra is either the southeast or northwest corner of the house. These directions are believed to be governed by the fire and water elements respectively. You have to understand that the position of the kitchen affects psychology and the Vastu elements should always be in harmony to create a balanced environment for cooking.

According to Vastu, avoid placing the kitchen in the north, northeast, or southwest directions. This advice is especially important for kitchens in east-facing houses. West-facing kitchens are also not recommended and may need extra Vastu remedies to offset any negative effects.

Optimize the Kitchen Layout as per Vastu Shastra

To enhance the kitchen vastu position, consider the Cooking Position and other useful aspects. It’s considered auspicious to face east because it harnesses the positive energy of the morning sun. 

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Cooking Position as per Vastu

While cooking, it’s considered auspicious to face east. This allows you to harness the positive energy of the morning sun.

Gas Position as per Vastu 

The southeast corner is considered the ideal spot for your gas stove. This placement aligns with the fire element associated with this direction.

Create a Balanced Kitchen Environment

Kitchen Vastu for Sink Placement

The kitchen sink, representing the water element, should ideally be placed in the northeast corner, away from the southeast corner where the stove is positioned. This maintains a balance between fire and water.

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Kitchen Design as per Vastu Shastra 

Opt for light and airy colors like green, orange, and yellow to promote a cheerful and energetic atmosphere in your kitchen. Dark colors are generally discouraged.

Additional Tips for Kitchen Vastu

  • Keep your kitchen clean and organized to ensure a positive flow of energy.
  • Maintain a clutter-free space and store utensils neatly in cabinets. You have to select the south or west corners for that.
  • Windows in the East are considered beneficial for getting natural light and ventilation.
  • Avoid having the kitchen door directly opposite the bathroom door.

West-facing kitchen Vastu remedies

Use Colors Wisely

Incorporate warm colors like yellow, orange, or red in your kitchen decor. These colors can help balance the energy in a west-facing kitchen.

Take Care of Lighting

Ensure your kitchen is well-lit. Natural light is best, so if possible, maximize the use of windows in your kitchen. Consider using bright artificial lighting in case of less natural light you receive.

Get Mirror on the Wall

Placing a mirror on the north or east wall of your kitchen can help create a sense of space and reflect positive energy.

Keep it Clean and Tidy 

A clutter-free kitchen is essential. Regularly declutter and organize your kitchen to maintain a positive and harmonious environment.

Bring in plants

Indoor plants with broad leaves can help improve the energy in a west-facing kitchen. They also add a touch of nature to your cooking space.

Position the Stove Carefully

Try to face towards the east or north-east while cooking This aligns with Vastu principles and can help increase the positive energy in your kitchen.

Avoid Negative Elements

Keep your kitchen free from any broken appliances or leaky faucets. These can symbolize financial or health issues according to Vastu.

Consult a Vastu Expert

Consult a Vastu expert like Pavan Joshi to get proper Vaastu guidance. He can provide personalized advice based on your specific kitchen layout and needs.

Bottom Line

Vastu Shastra says the way you set up your kitchen affects more than just your meals. It can also impact how harmonious your home feels. By following some simple Vastu tips for the kitchen you can make your kitchen a positive and healthy space. Always create good karmas and design your kitchen as per the Vastu Shastra. Contact Pavan Joshi for the best astrological guidance and vastu tips.

Vastu Shastra Items for Home: Attract Good Luck & Prosperity

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, believes that the placement of objects within a living space affects the energy flow in the environment. According to this science, a home can attract good luck, prosperity, and positive energy by keeping certain objects. Here are three such objects that Vastu Shastra considers lucky when kept at home:

Money Plant:

The Money Plant, also known as the Devil’s Ivy or Epipremnum Aureum, brings financial prosperity and good luck to a household. Many cultures consider this plant auspicious, and it is easy to maintain. To attract positive energy and wealth, it is recommended to plant a sapling of the Money Plant in the southeast corner of the living room or any other room to find business problem solutions.

Apart from its luck-bringing properties, it has several other benefits. It purifies the air and removes toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. The plant also reduces stress levels and creates a calming atmosphere in the home.

If you’re looking for Vastu tips for your home, planting a Money Plant in your living room can be a great way to attract positive energy and financial prosperity. You can treat the Money Plant by watering it regularly, keeping it in indirect sunlight, and trimming it regularly. Some people also place a small mirror near the plant to amplify its positive energy.

Vastu Photo:

A Vastu man’s picture or idol brings peace, harmony, and positive energy to a home. Vastu man is a form of Lord Vishnu according to Vastu Shastra, who is the preserver of the universe. Placing a Vastu man’s picture or idol in the north or east direction of the house is believed to bring good fortune and ward off negative energies.

Apart from being a lucky charm, the Vastu man’s picture or idol is also considered a form of spiritual protection. It reduces anxiety and increases the positive vibrations in the environment. It is one of the most popular Vastu items for the home.

To worship the Vastu man’s picture or idol, you can light a diya or incense sticks in front of it and offer flowers and fruits. By following these Vastu tips, you can achieve good luck in abundance.


Pyramids are a powerful symbol of energy and bring prosperity and good luck when kept in a home. Vastu Shastra recommends keeping 9 pyramids in the north or northeast direction of the house to attract positive energy.

The pyramids are lucky things that have a high energy frequency. They stimulate and enhance the flow of positive energy in the environment and have healing properties that improve overall well-being. Additionally, the pyramid’s shape helps preserve food and prevent spoilage.

To keep pyramids clean and dust-free, you can wipe them regularly. Some people also meditate or chant mantras in front of them to amplify their energy. If you are looking for positive energy Vastu items for your home, pyramids are the best finds.


By following these Vastu tips for home, you can transform the energy and vibes of your house forever and always bring positive results and good luck to your life.If you are looking for the best astrological advice for Vastu Shastra-related issues, Pavan Joshi is the best astrologer in Ahmedabad who can guide you through your life journey.

Vastu For Office: The Secret of Effective Working Efficiency

Wondering, Which is the best direction to work according to the Vastu Shastra for the office? The article has got you covered. Choosing the right direction to work will not only make your work efficient but can bring the greatest outcomes welcoming prosperous life beside you. So without further getting delay, jump to the article and reach the stairs of success by following Vastu’s tips for offices.

What is Office Vastu Chart?

To begin, comprehend the full meaning of the office Vastu chart; the office Vastu chart is a chart based on an ancient architecture study known as Vastu Shastra. The office Vastu chart employs vastu shastra to boost sales and productivity. In addition with the help of Vastu tips for the office, you can ensure your office family is surrounded with a positive and harmonious aura at their desks. 

Furthermore, whether you’re facing financial or business problems, the vastu chart solution from the best astrologer in Ahmedabad will help you redesign your workspace. With effective Vastu tips for the office, you can meet your business goals and avoid any crises that stall your progress.

Vastu Tips for Office:

Here are some Vastu tips for office from a famous astrologer in India that can help you grow & expand your business hassle-free. Therefore, without wasting a moment, start following the below-given vastu tips for the office.

Vastu for office plot: Make sure to choose, Shermukhi Plot- broad in front and narrow at back facing the north direction is ideal for an office building. 

Vastu for office direction: The office building should be in the north or northeast direction to get yourself a rain of financial benefits.

Vastu for office seating: The best sitting direction in the office for an entrepreneur is the northeast direction and for employees north or east is perfect.

Vastu items for office: There are several objects in the office we daily encounter, and every object has its specific space. Example: Place a clock in the north direction to not miss out on a golden opportunity.  In addition, you can place seven running horses picture on the wall, as well as a little fountain will also promote a positive vibe all around you.

Vastu shastra for office plants: As per vastu shastra, the Bamboo plant, lily, and snake plant are great plant choices for an office. In addition, such plants are widely known for bringing happiness, fame, prosperity, and so on. Put it on your office desk and experience the magic yourself.

Vastu tips for office wall colours: According to the best astrologer in Ahmedabad, pick colours that are lighter in shades, you can choose from a white, blue, or green colour palate; which is not too bold to catch attention.

Vastu tips for office lights: When selecting a light, ensure that the working space has the right amount of light; which looks like natural light not too warm or not too cold tone. Additionally, you can experiment with the lighting in the reception area to draw attention to it.

How to Craft Right Office Vastu Plan?

Whether you’re buying a property for residential or commercial purposes, make sure to craft the right vastu plan. Therefore, in light of the fact that vastu shastra plays a significant role in our work lives, don’t forget to consult Pandit Pavan Joshi Ji; adhere to his Vastu tips for office, and grow your business successfully. 

Quick Look on Office Vastu Plan:

Elevator installation: North-east direction.

Staircase area: South or south-west direction 

Entrance door: East or north

Reception area: North-east or east direction

Mandir: North-east corner zone

Cabin: North or south-west direction

Pantry room: South-east direction

Locker room: South-west corner zone

Meeting area: North-west direction

Warehouse: North-west direction

Washroom: West or north-west zone

Vastu Tips for Bedroom: The Secret of Happy Married Life!

It is wedding season, as we all know, so any engaged couple who has begun planning their wedding must already be far along the way. In addition to shopping, couples who are getting married also talk about other aspects of their marriage preparation, like decorating their room and house.

The Vastu tips for bedrooms are the key for newlyweds because they promote a happy marriage. This article has covered everything a married couple should be aware of, including the significance of couple bedroom Vastu, Vastu for bedroom tips, and so on. To learn the trick of a happy marriage, keep reading!

What is Vastu Shastra in Vedic Astrology?

Vastu has become very famous these days because of its positive impact on our lives. In addition, The word Vastu means science or art of architecture. Vastu principles are based on ancient Indian knowledge and they are also known as Vedic Architecture. These principles are followed in building homes, offices, temples, and other structures.

Vastu is a system of architectural design that helps us create harmonious environments. It is based on the belief that every part of our life is affected by the environment around us. Hence, the aim of Vastu is to ensure that our surroundings are conducive to good health and prosperity.

Why New Married Couples Should Consider Vastu Tips for Bedroom?

In order to improve a couple’s relationship or solving marriage problems, the Vastu of their bedroom is crucial. Every area of your home should be planned using Vastu principles so that it begins to be associated with good things. However, your relationship will be directly impacted by the bedroom’s direction, colors, lighting, mirror, and bed position.

Therefore, it is crucial for a good marriage that the energy and atmosphere of the place where newlyweds dwell are upbeat. And because the bedroom is one location that has a huge impact on a married couple’s body, mind, and emotions, it is important to comprehend the Vastu tips for bedrooms. Hence, Vastu tips for bedroom for married couples cover everything about setting up the space for a harmonious relationship.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Married Couples:

Here are the following Vastu tips for bedroom, every married couple should take a look before decorating their room.

Bed as per Vastu: 

The bed should always be positioned against the room’s southwest wall. It must not be facing the door. According to Vastu, couples should sleep with their heads in the south, southeast, or southwest. It is strongly advised against sleeping with your head facing north.

Room direction as per Vastu:

East, North, or Northeast are the best Vastu directions for a bedroom, according to Vastu theory. The house’s Vastu directions should not be facing west if there are female family members. For younger family members, it is a good option.

Vastu decorative items for bedroom:

It is vitally important to decorate your bedroom walls with inspiring wallpaper and frames. It’s important to hang up pictures that make you feel happy because they are the first and last things you see when you wake up and before you go to bed. Rather than putting up a picture of a location, hang your wedding photo. Additionally, stay away from keeping a cactus or any other prickly plants in your bedroom. 

Other Vastu tips for bedroom:

– The bed was not illuminated by a light beam.

– Avoid using dark paint in the room; instead, choose bright, light colors.

– Keep an eye out for fresh-real flowers

– Avoid using fake flowers when decorating a room.

– Ensure that your space has a pleasant scent.

– Ensure that the mirror in the room is not set up in front of your bed.

– When choosing a bed, choose one made of wood with a jointed mattress. 

How to Find Effective Vastu tips for Bedroom?

Looking for Vastu advice for the bedroom? Pandit Pavan Joshiji is one the best Vastu astrologer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, who is well known for providing the most effective Vastu tips for bedrooms for married couples as well as love problem solutions/Marriage problem solutions. Get in touch with him to get one-time solution for all your problems.

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